The Summit Funzone was founded in December 2016 by owner Bari Smith. The property's name derives from one of Bari's favorite childhood places, The Balboa Funzone, located near Newport Beach, CA. Since The Summit Funzone is a duplex, Bari gave each unit its own theme that reflect her love of sports and a 90s era kind of fun!


The lower unit is The Gridiron and has a modern, industrial sports feel including things like a high-end air hockey table and unique Edison bulb light fixtures. Having played College Basketball and finished an IRONMAN 140.6, Bari loves both playing and watching sports which means at The Summit Funzone, you will always have the whole NFL package to enjoy and many other premium sports add-ons!   Checkout  the


custom Bear art above the fireplace that Bari designed herself and you'll find lots of favorite quotes and activities of the owner hidden within the art. Other unique art pieces include the industrial pipe themed barn door that Bari built for the master bedroom. 

The upper unit is called The Arcade and includes a PacMan table with 412 classic arcade games like Donkey Kong & Mrs. PacMan, an electric piano and lots of puzzles and board games. A big kid at heart, Bari loves to spend time with family and friends playing board games and thinks no vacation is complete without piecing together a puzzle. She's left plenty for you and your friends to enjoy!  


Both units are modern and fully upgraded with new floors and high-end kitchens. The Summit Funzone is located ON Summit Blvd. and less than a 100 yard walk to the entrance of Snow Summit Ski Resort.


There's no fighting, crying, complaining or nagging allowed at The Summit Funzone - This is a place for FUN. Bari hopes The Summit Funzone creates a feeling of childhood nostalgia and is a place people will make family memories filled with laughter and joy for years to come! 


                   Welcome to My Mountain Retreat - I think you'll find it's magical here :)

                  CHEERS - Bari 




- Susan Sontag